Welcome to ZN Games!

ZN Games is open for business!!!   May 28th, 2012 by PrimeMover

For those of you who don’t know, it has been a long hard road bringing ZN Games back to life, and today we are very happy to announce that ZN Games is once again open for business!

The ZN fires, dormant for so long, are stoked, and I must say it’s exciting to be pouring molten metal into these moulds and making miniatures again. Our first offerings may be familiar to some, but we’ve been particular about hand-picking what we feel are the best miniatures from our back catalog to offer for sale once more. We feel these minis have stood the test of time. Hope you agree!

Future releases will feature more classics from our past, as well as some hitherto unreleased spirits that have been just screaming to get out. Inspiration for new miniatures also abounds, so it won’t be long before we give birth to some new ideas.

6mm gamers, we have not forgotten you! Industrial Gothic miniatures are in queue and slated for release in July. Keep an eye to the sky!

ZN Games is a labor of love, in honor of our founder Chris and the hobby we once all shared. Miniatures were his life and passion, and with the utmost respect for his vision for ZN Games we are honored to take up the reigns. Thanks to all those who have supported us on this journey, and welcome to all those we are meeting for the first time. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Matthew & Kevin